Forest Management

Interested in Selling Your Trees?
Mohawk Lumber's Professional Foresters Will Help You Manage Your Timber Resources Properly.

Professional Forestry Plan

We Develop A Personal Relationship With Each Landowner.

At Mohawk Lumber we strive to meet each landowners needs, and develop a personal relationship with each timber seller. Our Professional Foresters will work with you to create a plan that works best for you and your woodlands. We would be happy to meet with you for a FREE, No-Obligation timber assessment.

Our Advantage

  • Personal Relationship
  • Apply Better Management Practices (Bmp's) for soil erosion & stream protection
  • Customize Timber contracts to landowners needs
  • Payment in full before Timber harvest Begins
  • Fully-Insured 
  • Workers Compensation
  • Referrals Available

Selective Timber Harvesting

Our selective harvesting method ensures proper woodland management by harvesting only mature timber.

This provides younger trees a chance to grow to their full potential, while removing the aged trees that would otherwise die naturally, allowing forests to regenerate naturally.

Renewable Resource

  • Our forests are a renewable resource and habitat for wildlife and plants, if they remain productive and healthy by being properly managed.
  • Mohawk Lumber will tailor each landowners Timber harvest to the individual Timber Seller. While maintaining overall timberstand improvement, wildlife habitat and financial benefit.

Forest Stewardship

We Don't Just Simply Buy Your Trees...We Care For Your Woodlands and Use Best-Practices To Protect Beauty & Habitat.

Many woodland owners are reluctant to harvest due to the fear of destroying their forests beauty, recreational value, and wildlife habitat. But there are many ways to safeguard against poor harvesting practices and landscape disturbances often associated with logging operations.

Responsible Tree Harvesting

  • Tree Harvesting can be used as a management tool to improve your woodlands and while it can supply you with income, it can also have a lasting, positive effect on your forest.
  • So if you are ready to Sell Your Trees & properly manage your woodlands contact us today!